Stories of Success


We want to tell you about “George”. George had come to us several years ago through our program and left once he had found stable employment and had saved up money and felt he was ready. He was able to barely make it for a while and then fell back on hard times. One main obstacle was a livable wage. With rent, utilities and other monthly bills, he couldn’t survive.

George came back to us in 2019. Without a job and now in more debt, it seemed like he couldn’t catch a break. We’re happy to report that George left in early 2020 to live on his own again. This time with a stable environment to live in, but more importantly was both his dignity had been restored and he secured a much higher paying job with a large corporation with excellent benefits.


Prior to George, we had “Toby”.  Toby came to us in April of 2019. As a father of 2 and a grandfather, Toby was out of a job and found himself homeless. As a native of Wilmington, he’d never found himself in this position before. Now, in his 50’s, he was unsure of where to go and who could help. He came to the Rescue Mission of Cape Fear and we, along with your support, were able to help Toby. Toby moved out of the Mission late in 2019 into his own place. He’s holding down a job that pays a livable wage and is doing good! Now, he feels like he can breathe and is also enjoying spending time with his newest grandchild!


Our newest success story is “Bill”.  He came to us in the early part of 2020.  Bill is a dad of a college-aged child who fell down on his luck.  When he came to us he was hurting and broken.  Bill endured and became stronger through the COVID pandemic while he was at the Mission.  He was able to secure a job in his field of trade, plumbing, making a livable wage and move out this past weekend into his own place, with a car.  Bill is a testament to our program that those who work hard and stay focused on recovery can achieve great results!  We are so very excited to see what the next phase of Bill’s life holds!!!